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PPC or Pay per click is the easiest way to get relevant traffic to your website and start generating revenues instantly. Unlike other channels like SEO, Social & Brand which takes their own time to perform, an effective Paid marketing campaign allows you to increase your exposure instantly. Time to Market PPC is very less.  Paid Advertisement on search Engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo, Social Media, Apps & Display Networks are Not to be missed if ROI is your goal.

Why You Need Us to Manage Paid Campaigns?

You need high level of expertise to handle your paid campaigns as here you are spending money for each click. So attracting relevant clicks at least cost and making transactions from maximum clicks are two goals for effective ROI.  This needs expertise to churn out huge data, manage bids effectively, and works with detailed reporting & also to introduce latest campaign management & monitoring tools for effective ROI. Right from creating effective AD copies to better landing page optimization, PPC campaigns have to be managed really well for effective ROI. Your are allocating critical budget to PPC campaigns. It’s high time you make maximum utilization of your PPC budget to meet your business goals. Optimize your PPC spends & Returns.

InstaDigit team is a bunch of professionals who are passionate about Paid campaigns. They know this inside out and have 100s of man-hour expertise in handling PPC campaigns of big e commerce platers with huge rating. You can rely on our PPC management expertise for best ROI from your paid marketing activity.


PPC as An Online Channel is Critical  

Here are the Reasons why PPC Service is Indispensable.


As compared to broad paid marketing campaigns and other digital marketing channels retargeting can enhance your traffic conversions by 50%. This is Huge.

Brand Searches

For brand searches bidding on brand terms enables click through rate increase of 30% and a large part of search engine top space of belongs to you

Local Targeting 

With search engine showing different organic results based on locations, PPC ads are 40% More like to reach the right audience locally

Boost Organic Clicks 

 If you are ranking high in Organic ranking and also you are listed high in PPC then this might lead a 20% jump in organic clicks due to increased user trust

             Being a PPC Management Company We Provide a Broad Range of

                     PPC Advertisement Solutions 

PPC Audit 

Have a bird’s eye view into your status of PPC campaigns, which campaigns are draining resources & which are giving you ROI. Improvement benchmarks is the goal. More

PPC bid management

PPC Bid Management 

Leave this complex part of PPC management to InstaDigit. Whether it be managing your campaigns on minute to minute basis or auto scripting rules we ensure that you get ROI for your spend. More

PPC AD Copy Development

AD Copy Development 

Ad Copies is your fist interaction with user and can have great impact on who actually comes to your website and final lead. Our efficient copywriter do this Job Impeccably. More

Local Search Ads

Local Search Ads 

Advertise in the places where your target audience are and not burn the money elsewhere. The local search marketing team at InstaDigit ensures this for your. More


Campaign report Management

Campaign Report Management 

Insights are gained from detailed actionable campaign report. We ensure that relevant data-points which can help you in optimizing your campaigns are there before you.

Landing Page Creation & Optimization

Landing Page Creation & Optimization

A great Landing page drives better conversion. They are that determine the factor that determines whether your money spent on clicks are converted into sales & Leads. More

Ad Campaign Setup              

Ad Campaign Setup

Big accounts are grappling with the Ad campaign set up parts in most optimal way. Lot of research goes into setting up large scale Ad campaigns. We help you here as well.

PPC Remarketing

Remarketing Campaigns

There is demonstrable value of launching a good remarketing campaigns and this can dramatically improve you lead conversion. We help you in launching complex remarketing campaigns.



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